Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter and

I have been super bad about posting regularly, which was my goal. I will give a list of things I've been doing since I got back from the South of France in November...

1. Did all my graduate school research and began applications.
2. Got 8 photographs up in the hall gallery at the US Embassy Paris!!
4. Xmas shopping in Paris is EXPENSIVE. But so fun...
3. Anne and Michael (aunt and uncle... dad's sister) came to town to celebrate the holidays.
5. Had a fever of 102.2, slept for 2 days, didn't eat for 4. Lost pounds.
6. Spent New Years Eve sick sick sick, had a Shirley Temple at midnight with dad.
7. 4 day trip to La Rochelle and Rochefort with dad, Anne, and Michael. Mom caught my flu and missed the trip :( It was a lot of fun, but unbarably cold!!
8. Spent HOURS working on my website (mostly learning how to deal with FTP and all the tech stuff... not my forte!) to have it done by start of 2009. Its done. Please visit

1. Happy birthday to me Jan 7th. Went to lunch with lovely ladies in a really nice African restaurant. Dinner at home with parents, anne, and michael. That Friday I went out again and had dinner and drinks with some other friends who couldn't make a Wednesday lunch. The restaurant we ate in has been operating since the 1900s.
2. Sent 1st grad school applications into NYU and Columbia College Chicago!!
3. 12 day road trip in Spain with mom we saw Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, and Valencia. It was unforgettable. If I ever up and move to Europe again, you'll find me in Granada.
4. 4 day trip to London. Wow. Reunited with so many people. It was really good to see them, and the Elgin Marbles.
5. Decided to go back to NoVa early. I love France but I miss home!!

FEBRUARY... looking ahead....
1. Continue applying to schools. Next is BU.
2. I need to touch up my website, I took so so many good picts in Spain.
3. Planning a trip with my friend Kate....but its still up in the air....
4. Flying home Feb 24th. Then going to Florida to visit my grandparents a few days later. My 1st days in NoVa are totally reserved for Gordon, unpacking, and repacking for Florida. Don't be offended if I don't get in touch til after the family trip.

Love you all!!