Monday, September 29, 2008

Sushi, Shawarma, and Saris

Today I woke up to the sound of power tools. The apartment below us has been undergoing renovations for almost 6 months I'm told. I pray that means its almost ready. I did some work on the computer, had a leisurely breakfast with my dad (who works from home when he's here) and then walked. and walked. and walked. I coaxed dad outdoors with me with the ominous weather forcast for the days ahead. Today was sunny and gorgeous and we walked A LOT. And saw nothing of note to anyone who comes to Paris to see what they've seen on postcards. Anyone who knows my dad knows that he and I both share a taste for adventures of the unusual sort... we went to (in his words) the funky part of town. man, was it ever! african, asian, and arab immigrants. sushi, shawarma, and saris. it was wild. and sometimes a bit sketchy... i didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked to because i noticed my camera getting quite a bit of attention. it made me long for gordon, my loving bodyguard... and apparently cameraguard? dad and i stopped for some turkish dinner near a beautiful canal. nothing fancy (not sure anything fancy would thrive in that area) but super tasty kabob.

Art for Everyone

Yesterday my mom and I walked an open house of art studios. The neighborhood organizes this event annually, and its awesome for people to be able to stroll (with a map in hands) all of the workshops. Art was for sale and it was great to see these artists thriving. A fitting first-day activity. We skipped the parks, because after the workshop-walk we were totally pooped... especially me with the jet-lag. And when us girls got back to the apartment, my father was there, and so was my LUGGAGE! I unpacked right away, trying to give my room a lived-in feel immediately.

L'Shana Tova

Although I knew WHEN I was booked to arrive in Paris, I never really stopped to think about when I was really going to start my adventure here... I am starting a New Year in a new city. Both the anticipation of welcoming a new year and the excitement of discovering a new city manifest those "fresh start" feelings and give room for self reflection. I feel very fortunate to have the two milestones meet. I will be attending services tomorrow morning at my new synagogue here in Paris. The Rabbi is from Oregon and conducts services in English, French, and Hebrew.

I wish you all the best for a healthy and happy new year. Buy some local apples and honey (tis the season, no coincidence there!) and take a dip.

Have a sweet year!

How to spend 6 months in Paris...

I have a return ticket for March 31.

Between now and then I will be working. Not in the conventional 9-5, uncomfortable shoes, paycheck to paycheck sense (although a paycheck would be nice!). I am an artist. I have NEVER spent more than several stressful hours putting together art for an assignment at school or to show at Artomatic. I have been teaching it, taking it in, and doing it for other people for too long.

I want to spend time on this thing brewing in me. I want to show myself what exactly it is, and eventually show you. I have my camera with me. And my intrinsic creativity. And now, finally, the missing piece- TIME. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that my mother's job posted her to Paris 3 years ago and she has a spare room.
Aside from clicking the Canon, I will be building a new website, painting, and working with new materials. It won't be a vacation, I can assure you.

I will also be moving south for a month to Villefranche, a small town near Nice, for a French immersion program. Although this may prove to be an "aversion program" from my art, I figure, WHY NOT. It will help me. Another notch on my language belt. I'll be there pretty much the month of November. Other travel plans include the UK, Spain, Sweden and Denmark. And weekends with my parents around France.

The big deal in the "real world" is that I will be submitting applications to several graduate programs in Arts Management/ Arts Administration. I don't feel like talking about it right now, considering I don't know where I will be accepted, and where I'll choose to attend. I'll let you know when it's nigh (Fall 2009).

I plan to explore far from the beaten path, but of course the highlights of Paris will be well toured, photographed, and loved during my sojourn.

Stay tuned...