Friday, May 28, 2010

Q: What do you take pictures of?

What kind of photos do you take?
Where is your favorite place to shoot?
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

What lights you up?

I don't have an answer ready to go when these questions come up. I took time to think about what I find worth capturing, but more specifically, worth sharing. There is a difference between what enchants me and what hooks me, but I want to show you both. Sometimes I take photos because of how something feels rather than how it looks.
I imagine that like everything, the following answers will evolve:

The following is a list of trends I saw when I browsed some of my collection of over 15,500 digital images. Things I have taken multiples or cousins of. Things I will shoot again.

-Stretches of corridors and alleyways, crowned by arches, flanked with columns, or paved in cobblestone, especially when seen through an opening
-Innovation and industry that has been well-used or abandoned
-Catching people in the middle of doing things, especially making music or art, or making a living. I love when its both.
-Spaces where people create/ display amazing things
-When purple occurs in nature
-Plants and trees! Saturated with rain or color, exposed for winter, variegated, swaying in the wind, edible.
-Animals and insects I see on hikes


Anywhere will do. I love places where the people are kind and the food is tasty.

Top fives:
To visit: Scotland, Tibet, Lithuania, Russia/Belarus, Brazil
To visit again: Spain, the Andes, South Africa, Israel, Italy

I haven't been on the West Coast of North America in 12 years. It is time!

I like to share international examples of exquisite streets and gritty nature. I like to take photos of the passionate folks who wander in those places; what they create and the things they leave behind. My work conveys my sense of humor and my love for the environment and art. All of it is colorful, most of it serene.