Friday, May 25, 2012

Being there for each other (as masters)

Promenading about in antiquated regalia isn't our style. But celebrating certainly is. All the pomp and circumstance of a graduation ceremony has its merits... the true feeling of I FUCKING DID IT! is hard to achieve sans goofy gown, hearing your name read over a microphone, or without the hugs and high fives from classmates who are also ready to ditch their cardboard cap for a cold one. Seltzer, that is.  You can order whatever you want.

Cobi and I met while we were both graduate students. Our relationship has been shaped by reading, research, writing, finals, more writing, and internships. In December 2011, I finally handed in my final final exam. Last weekend Cobi's commencement marked the real beginning of the end. The true end will come in July of this year.

I am looking forward to creating a relationship with ample time for each other and ourselves. 
Last night, for example, we cooked dinner, exchanged shoulder rubs, sang along to our new Pandora station, hung out with Kitty, and fell asleep before 11. Why? Because we could. 
Because we did it!

Top: May 21, 2011. Boston University - MS, Arts Administration
Bottom: May 19, 2012. Lesley University - MA, Music Therapy and Mental Health Counseling 

PS- May 2013: a gown of another sort...