Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dismissing photo paper, part 1: Heron Silkscreen

I want to bring my photography off of photo paper and onto other surfaces... like different paper, fabric, wood, metal...

I want to try all kinds of things, but you have to start somewhere so I signed up for a silkscreen workshop.

Instructions from instructor:
 You can make a screen with ANY design you want but it the image must be BLACK with no shading

NO SHADING?! Tough for a photographer.
I looked around for high contrast images. I was wooed by my cityscapes and, as usual, every tree I ever took a picture of... especially bare branches against the sky. When I searched online for inspiration I saw a lot of that floating around and felt sort of uncreative. (No offense, fellow artists. We all love trees!)

And then I found this heron and I am excited about creating my first silkscreen. I'm not done editing the photo to create my transparency, but you get the gist. I took this photograph in December 2007 at the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens in South Florida.

My first experiment exploring alternative ways to share my photography will take wing this Saturday!